Puerto Iguazu

We flew from Cordoba to Puerto Iguazu.  It’s sub-tropical rainforest there so we suddenly felt very warm!  Our genial and attentive host, John Fernandes, originally from Rajasthan, immediately whisked us off to be photographed. Here we are overlooking the ‘Triple Frontier’ where the convergence of two rivers, the Parana and the Iguazu form a natural border between three countries – Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.



John looked after us very well at the comfortable Secret Garden B&B, even serving cocktails, Brazilian caipirinhas, to his guests at 6.30pm every day. We found one was good, two were certainly too many!

From Puerto Iguazu the wonderful Iguazu falls can be visited from both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. On John’s advice we started with Brazil which, of course, entailed a border crossing. Hundreds of tourists do this every day and so, with the help of Gustavo, our taxi driver, we we soon had Brazilian stamps in our passports.

From the  Brazilian National Park there is a more distant view of horseshoe shape of the falls.We got a real understanding of how splendid they are, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. We still managed to get wet, however!

Shuttle buses run round the site which makes the visit very easy in the heat. As well as the fantastic experience of the falls we also saw a wild toucan!

Next day we tackled the Argentinian side, a close up view, much more walking, very tiring but a really unforgettable experience!


Next time will tell you about the Brazilian Bird Park before our final stop, the exciting City of Buenos Aires.




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