Hasta Luego Pisco Sour (and Alan and Sarah) ; by Alan

Time to say cheerio to Chile. A country with a troubled past (which hasn’t!) but which seems to be at peace with itself. Except, as a Chilean we bumped into said..” we have the American Problem”. Which seems to mean the big gap between the well off and the not well off. This was clearly seen in the Public Sector strikes we experienced.

But let’s dwell on the pure beauty of the country in this blog.
We left Puerto Varas early in the morning for a full day’s crossing of 3 lakes and the interlocking roads and the border controls. The transfer of passengers and luggage from bus to boat and again and again and over again was most impressive.
We boarded a bus with Osorno Volcano on our port side and it stayed with us for a major part of the journey.
The scenery was stunning at the start and was still stunning 12 hours later. The weather was just perfect so the snow shimmered on the mountain tops and the lakes were a reflecting mirror.
We stopped for a waterfall, view points, a good lunch and the border control. A slight difficulty was that the Argentinian Immigration Officer couldn’t find our Chilean stamps in our passports. It was there, so he eventually waved us through.
Two highlights for me.. a southern Caracara (a falcon) dive bombing another..I suspect it was a mating ritual..she didn’t look very impressed; the view of the Osorno with impressive waterfalls running over lava in the foreground.
It was a journey to remember.
We arrived in Bariloche late evening but early enough for dinner. Bariloche was having a Guildford makeover i.e. the setts (cobbles) were being relaid along the high street making it difficult to come to a view of the place. The main square had some interesting architecture if you like that kind of thing. The lake and mountain views were sublime.
The next day was the final one with our great travelling buddies… who we first met on the Reunification Express in Vietnam many years ago. They were going onto Buenos Aires and we were going north to San Juan. Afternoon tea at a kitsch Swiss tea shop and then dinner with a fine bottle of Chilean wine and food. Sorry to see you go guys..have fun.
Hola Argentina!



4 thoughts on “Hasta Luego Pisco Sour (and Alan and Sarah) ; by Alan

  1. Beautiful mountains

  2. Modern day ‘Explorers’ as ever! That final photography is stunning and worthy of submission to that annual photograph competition usually published in the Times – will google it. It is a Winner!!!! Lots of love from us. Sal xx

    • Really enjoying your travels from my armchair (or computer), stunning photos and descriptive commentary. Slight diversion for me; due to pressing wrong key I ended up in Lake Titicaca which was geographically confusing as I thought you were in Chile, and worrying as it spoke of Alan’s altitude sickness! Then noticed date was 2014. Phew!!

    • Thanks Sally. It’s the iPhone that takes the photo. I/we only point the thing!

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