Valparaiso Street Art

At first the art was a form of protest, unofficial and unapproved.  Then although unauthorised it became accepted. Artists would knock on doors and request permission to paint the house.  Soon the local authority commissioned major works. Now householders approach artists to paint their homes for a fee.  The painter leaves their contact details on the corner for future patrons. The city must have been transformed as a result. Here are just a few examples! Very few are political, most celebrate the city and it’s history, many are humorous. Artists from abroad make their contribution.

Here’s sample of those we saw. Note the piano steps in memory of a local musician. The final picture is Pablo Neruda’s house, missing from the last post.

Next we’ll tell you something about the history of Valparaiso, how it rose and fell and is rising again, also how it comes to have a British feel.


2 thoughts on “Valparaiso Street Art

  1. Fascinating. Sting did a lovely track called ‘Valparaiso’.

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