Sunshine in Santiago!

Santiago is a city of contrasts – low rise, high rise, green hills and, visible from almost everywhere, the Virgen de la Cumbre and a back drop of snow capped mountains. Poverty and wealth are both in evidence.


We climbed Cerro Santa Lucía, another green oasis with a great view, where the Conquistador, Pedro de Valdivia, founded the city in 1541.
With Sarah and Alan we had another trip around town, ate our lunchtime empanadas in the main square, Plaza de Armas and visited the historical museum which had interesting displays that we didn’t fully understand as the information was provided in Spanish only.

Close to the central market at El Cantino we sampled Terremoto (earthquake) . It’s fermented white wine plus a dash of grenadine all topped with pineapple ice cream. It’s possibly an acquired taste – one pint was enough for all four of us!
It’s Spring here and, having been quite chilly when we arrived, suddenly it was hot!
We rode to Los Dominicos, the last stop on the metro, to visit the crafts market, more like a small village, where good quality products from all over Chile are on sale. There were lots of things to tempt us but too early in the trip to weigh ourselves down.
Outside a project giving free microchips and anti-rabies vaccinations to pets was underway and well supported.
The next day we took the public bus, through the fog , to the port city of Valparaiso.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine in Santiago!

  1. Salud and continued buen viaje!

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