Homeward Bound!

You probably know we’ve been back home for nearly two weeks!  The jet lag really got to us this time and it took several days to return to normal!

We spent the last few days back at La Mariposa, seeing old and new friends and admiring progress on the cabin (we’re not allowed to call it a shed any more!). It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but we like it!

The new tiled floors are a great improvement and the kitchen is looking good with it’s new work surface. We did some cooking and invited Paulette to lunch at the nice round table she donated.image

A set of white cane furniture is on order for the sala (living room).


Outside there is patio, very nice to sit on at any time of day.  The bare ground in front of it will be a garden – but planting can’t start until the rain comes, probably in May. It’s already a great place to watch the birds which come for the bananas put out for them in the trees. The Nicaraguan national bird, the turquoise browned motmot, also known as guardabarranco, is a regular sight. You can find out more here:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Motmot1.jpg


We invited friends from the Spanish School to afternoon tea.


And had a day out at a favourite place, Laguna de Apoyo, a wonderful warm volcanic lake.



The last afternoon we had drinks on the terrace of a very posh hotel.



Where I managed to leave my cowboy hat!

Next morning we started the long journey home, after a final early morning visit from Paulette and Ismael.



We’re already talking about our next visit, the hat is ready for collection! But next time we will not subject ourselves to the delights of George W Bush Airport, Houston!

I’ve noticed Alan doesn’t appear in any of photos, so here’s one for your delight, taken in the dining area at La Mariposa Spanish School.


We have lots more to say about Nicaragua but whether we’ll say it now we’re home remains to be seen.

If not, we hope to see you on the next trip, to Chile and Argentina, in the Autum.





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