Finca Esperanza Verde

The Spanish name is so much more evocative than the English equivalent – Green Hope Farm.

On the way there we spent a night in Matgalpa, a big commercial city, famous as a centre for coffee as well as other agricultural produce. The name of the hotel set the tone – La Buena Onda, meaning, Good Vibes.image

Our journey next morning took just over an hour, the last 11 kilometres on dirt roads, to Finca Esperanza Verde (FEV). It’s an organic coffee farm and tourist lodge, high in the hills.  The accommodation is in cabins with stunning views.



We were fortunate to be there at the same time as group of ornithologists who, over many years, have been studying migratory birds also seen in their home state of North Carolina. Their leader, John, known as Juancito, as well as being extremely knowledgeable was also incredibly patient, taking time to point out and identify the huge variety of birds. We don’t have the right camera for pictures but there were tanagers, woodpeckers,  hummingbirds, wood creepers, hawks – more than 20 species before breakfast. We heard toucans but never spotted one!

Walking the trails with the guides, Umberto and Omar,we saw plants, birds and wildlife. On the right of this picture you can see the face of a baby three-toed sloth clinging to it’s mother.


This is a hummimgbird’s nest with new hatched chicks – apparently they always have two.


Here are some orchids.


At over 1200 ft, it was so cold at night that we needed an extra blanket. The dining area was heated by Reginald the  stove – he was a long way from home, it said Made in Ireland on the back.


We arrived in the rain but after that the days were sunny and warm with a beautiful sunset.


It’s a beautiful place – we’d love to go back. We got on well with Viviane, the owner, as you can see.


After three nights it was time to go back to our friends at La Mariposa for the final few days before we came home.

if you’d like to know more about Finca Esperanza Verde have a look at the website

One thought on “Finca Esperanza Verde

  1. Sounds a truly wonderful excursion… People, views, treks, Reginald & coffee!!
    Amazing adventures you two are having – 😀 Thank you for sharing – Jo

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