Life in a Shed

I’m posting this again as the photos may not have come through last time – internet here is ‘variable’!

The trip here was good – with Houston airport no better than expected but at least we caught the plane.

Oscar met us at the airport and whisked us off to La Reserva where we have been supporting the conversion of an old shed/workshop into an extra unit of accommodation for the Spanish school. It’s spacious, two good rooms plus a kitchen with an external loo and shower. The loo is a latrine – more about that later! This how it looked when we arrived:




Since then we’ve been shopping for various kitchen implements and ordered floor tiles. Several hooks have been installed!

We’ve eaten breakfast there most days and, so far, have cooked our dinner once!  It’s a bit like camping but will get better as more furniture and home comforts are installed!


Okay, we admit it! The photo in the last post wasn’t of us in Nicaragua – Greece in fact.  We’ll put that right in the next post and tell you what else we’ve been up to!

One thought on “Life in a Shed

  1. The picture hasn’t come through!!??? Can you redo?? Glad you arrived safely. Love from us. Sal xx

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