Oh dear! We’ve been home a week…..i

…and not updated the blog!

After Naxos we had two more nights in Athens. We had high hopes of the hotel there, the most expensive of the trip. Of course we were disappointed! There was nothing specifically wrong, it just lacked that certain special something we hoped for! The redeeming feature was a rooftop bar with splendid views of the Acropolis, illuminated at night.

We weren’t very far from our first hotel but this area, close to Monastiraki Square, felt very different, a bit run down, graffiti, empty buildings. It could have been evidence of the financial crisis but possibly the area was always like this.
A thunderstorm kept us awake that night and next morning the streets were awash with continuing rain. Our planned visit to the Acropolis was cancelled and we made for our final museum instead.
The National Archaeological museum is vast. As residents of the European Union aged over 65 we paid half price to go in.
The museum contains finds from all over Greece and pretty well covers the history of Greek civilisation from the Neolithic period until the Roman conquest.
We concentrated on the sculptures – amazing!image

The next one dates from 550BC and they even know the name of the sculptor – Ariston.image

It was strangely moving to see the memorial sculptures to people who lived so very long ago.image

In the late afternoon, after the rain, we walked up to the Acropolis. The tour groups seemed to have left or maybe they never came today! It was very quiet, the light was good and it was a great finale to our Greek adventure!


Work is in progress to preserve and restore the site. This includes correcting some of the earlier attempts. The work involves analysis of stones from all over the site. Using modern techniques it is possible to get much more accurate understanding of the original construction.  We were assured that this long term process is continuing despite the financial crisis.




One thought on “Oh dear! We’ve been home a week…..i

  1. Me siento muy triste por ustedes!!! espero hayana tenido un descanso!! Ja ja!!!NO LO DUDO!!.. que bien… espero verlos pronto cuando aterricen y me digan cuando !!

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