Lovely Loutro

The White Mountains of Crete were clearly visible the day we travelled to Loutro.


To get there from Almyrida we crossed from North to South stopping on the way for coffee overlooking the Askyfou Plateau. The area is home to about 400 residents mostly involved in agriculture as shepherds and beekeepers although some ‘agritourism’ is developing.

Crete is long and narrow, our 70km journey from North to South didn’t take long. We were soon at Hora Sfakia, the port, where we parked the car and boarded a small ferry to Loutro, further along the coast. Loutro is only accessible on foot or by boat and it’s size is limited by the surrounding cliffs.
Although it must owe it’s continuing existence to tourism it meets all expectations of a small coastal village in Greece. There isn’t much to do in Loutro and it doesn’t matter!
We swam, strolled, ate and drank and it was all idyllic!

Our most strenuous feat was to walk to the ruins of ancient Loutro above the present village. On the way we met others, some walking to nearby beaches and others undertaking the serious challenge of the long distance coastal path.

After 24hours we returned to real life, taking the ferry back to Hora Sfakia and driving on from there to Rethymno where went different ways.
At this point we have to give a round of applause to Sally, who planned all our excursions in Crete and Colin who did all the driving. Together they ensured we had a terrific time!


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