The Most Charming Town in Greece?

That was someone’s on-line description and so we came. It’s situated in the Argolis region in the eastern Peloponnese south of Corinth, just two hours on the bus from Athens. We crossed the Corinth canal on the way.

We stayed just outside the town in a small apartment, shopped in the market and cooked our own dinners! It was peaceful and quiet with a great view of olive groves, orange trees and the mountains but only 20 minutes walk away from the centre.

Theo our host went out of his way to ensure we had a great experience. This was our third, and best, experience of Airbnb!

We went to the beach and walked round the port – there are international yachts, the occasional cruise ship and a small fishing fleet.

The history is one of conquest with control passing from the Venetians to the Turks and back again over the years. The Palimidi fortress dominates the town. Consisting of a number of interlinked but defensible bastions, theoretically it represented the culmination of fortification architecture over the centuries when building started in 1711. Nevertheless it was taken by the Ottoman invaders before work had finished in 1715 and was finally taken by the Greeks in 1822.

We staggered up the steps (999?) and admired the fortifications as well as the view. Then cautiously descended!

Nafplion has a great museum too with items from both the Stone Age and Bronze Age showing how long civilisation in these parts has been pretty sophisticated.

There’s more – Nafplion is close to a number of significant Ancient Greek sites, we visited some of them too, but that’s the next post!

We stayed a week!


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