Accidents do happen!

Especially when walking down a stony track in the dark.  After a delicious pizza eaten al fresco at the Zopilote permaculture site on Ometepe Island I (Jan) tripped, slipped and broke my ankle.  That was Saturday. On Sunday we travelled back to the capital, Managua, two long taxi rides and a ferry. Now we are in a private room at the Hospital Metropolitano Vivien Pallas where I had surgery yesterday afternoon. This is a state of the art hospital approved by the Insurance Company who we hope will pay the bills!  They plan to discharge me tomorrow, Wednesday 4 March, so now we are waiting to hear when and how we’ll return home.

Meanwhile, rather than die of boredom, we’ll get on and catch up with the blog!

12 thoughts on “  Accidents do happen!

  1. Dear Jan and Alan,

    So very sorry to hear about the accident Jan. When you get home I’ll give you a ring and see if you want any help etc. or just cheering up, if you are in a plaster and less mobile !!
    From your interesting blog, it has sounded like a very good tour and I have enjoyed reading all about your travels.

    Anne x.

    Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2015 16:43:09 +0000

  2. Oh how awful. Alan don’t tell your insurance company it was in the dark!! They seem to use every out they can get. Please tell Jan we are thinking about her. Take good care of her. Will this cut ypur trip short by much??
    On the bright side Jan gets a wheelchair through the airports and you get to tag along. No long line ups!
    Keep us posted. Janet and John

  3. Oh no! What a terrible way to end your trip. Hope that Nicaraguan surgeons are up to the mark, and you have a pain-free trip back. It does make me wonder what was in that pizza, though ……. Mike x

    • Well, if you’re going to break your ankle you might as well do it somewhere beautiful after a good meal! Hope you get home OK, avoiding further mishaps. Safe journey, let me know if you need help in any way. Lots of love, Liz

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your accident Jan. Hope this doesn’t spoil your holiday xxx

  5. OOHH lo siento.. por seguro los veo a la vuelta… !!QUE VAINA!!

  6. Linda Shurlock

    Oh dear! If you wanted to come home early you only had to say! Perhaps you can come to the Piano Recital?!

    Seriously, truly sorry for your injury. Just one slip and the holiday is b..g…d! Hope mobility and recovery are swift,


    Linda and Dave xx

  7. Ooh Jan – sorry to finish your wonderful adventure hop a long – hope all went well in hospital and not spoil trip too much for you. Jo. X

  8. Have just picked up the blog this morning as wi-fi was down. So sorry you have had to end your adventures so abruptly but as you say things just happen sometimes. Wishing you a comfortable journey home. We are out in Crete now so won’t be able to come over and check on you. Let us know once you are home and we will try to entertain you a bit from this end. Lots of love. Sal and Colin xxx

  9. Get well soon Jan! Paul & Emma x

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