Hello Nicaragua

We took the Ticabus across the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua. The journey took longer than it should have done due to the eccentricities of both country’s systems and lack of them.
We were met from the bus, 90 minutes late, by our old friends the Mariposa Spanish School. By then it was bedtime.
At Mariposa we met up with friends old and new including Tricia with whom we’ll be travelling for the next month. Seeing Paulette, Ishmael and the rest of the Mariposa team, including our old teacher, Marvin, wasn’t a surprise. But how did it happen that Jean, Dianne, Helen and Rodney were all there at the same time too? Apart from Dianne we’re all from UK and all met at La Mariposa in 2012 but haven’t been in touch since!
Tricia studied Spanish but we two just had a good week chatting with all and sundry and visiting the various sites and projects. As usual the ‘crack’ was top notch! In the afternoons we took advantage of the various trips on offer and on Saturday cadged a lift on an outing to Granada, our next stop.
Thanks to everyone at Mariposa, Paulette, staff, interns and guests for such a good start to our third time in Nicaragua.















5 thoughts on “Hello Nicaragua

  1. A bit worried about some of Alan’s shorts, but otherwise it all looks good fun! Mike & Di x

  2. Yup, agree with Mike – those baggies would make an Aussie proud!!!!! Very interesting cooking arrangements. Sal and Col xx

  3. These were purchased on the advice of my style adviser. Shorts do not appear in my wardrobe. In view of the commentary her position is to be reviewed.

    • Recommended for swimming (which is what he’d been doing before the walk on the beach). The cooking was done on a visit to a sweet factory, the pink one was coconut ice.

  4. Photos of jan and the pink shoes please!!!

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