Arenal Volcano

To get to our next hotel we had to retrace the route back to the brunch stop.
No rain this time so we enjoyed the boat journey – until we arrived at Pavona. Whoever runs this place should be ashamed – they charge $1(US) to use the toilet but it’s everyone for themselves when disembarking from the boats, no proper dock, ramp or steps. The last time we experienced anything like it was arriving at Luang Prabang in Laos. However, rather than survival of the fittest, people of our boat formed a “human chain” to pass the luggage up and give a hand to the less able!

After that we got to our hotel by minibus without further incident. It was another excellent hotel again unknown until we arrived. It’s actually in the shadow of the volcano, although we didn’t see much of that as the rain clouds had followed us across the country!
It gave Alan a chance to wear his stylish plastic poncho!

Lots of expensive trips on and around the volcano were available but we decided to enjoy the lovely hotel grounds and bird life and take a walk.
As a result of which we found a great restaurant just under the volcano where they actually agreed to pick us up and drop us back to the hotel for no charge. Alan had a huge organic lamb chop from their farm – we saw the lambs earlier on our walk.








2 thoughts on “Arenal Volcano

  1. Beautiful
    Even in rain
    Awesome poncho Alan!!
    Amazing adventures!!
    Humanity human luggage chain – love it

    You guys truly living !!
    Go you!!!

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