Pink Yoghurt by Alan

So we are on the Pacific Coast. Wall to wall sunshine with long sweeping sandy beaches. Pelicans and frigate birds gliding overhead with iguanas on the prowl. Perfect R and R. The hotel is large by our standards with every imaginable facility and entertainment.
This has been an interesting brief visit to Costa Rica on many levels. It’s a beautiful country and can be rightly called a slice of paradise. Volcanoes, various types of tropical forests and coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean. Being on a “package” meant we didn’t really interact with many Ticas..mainly Americans here for retirement or a holiday and Nicaraguans (here for work). Fortunately we did link up with Irma as previously mentioned.
We didn’t really know what to expect with these larger Resort type’s been a long time. They turned out to be well organised, with plenty of quiet areas. Facilities clean etc with the great God, wifi.
All with pink yoghurt for breakfast. I’ve been on this yoghurt study for years..checking out my theory that all hotels have pink yoghurt…proved conclusively here. Now I’m reverting to plain yoghurt for the next 20 +years (for those who know about Alans long life theory).
Can very strongly recommend CR for holidays, travelling, excitement ( and even self drive holidays if that is your bag) and I suspect romance..but I don’t know about that. A bit pricy i.e. European prices but so easy with English spoken everywhere. Spanish does help if you are travelling independently.
Finally…a note of thanks to Jo Baldwin who we meet in India many many years ago. She’s a Travel Consultant working under an umbrella organisation. She spent a lot of time working out what we wanted and fitted a package into our very restrictive dates and budget. So thanks Jo.

Now it’s time to cross the border into Nicaragua and to meet up with some dear friends and new adventures with them.






3 thoughts on “Pink Yoghurt by Alan

  1. It is pink yogourt all the way here in Ecuador. We were actually talking about that, wondering why???

  2. Thanks Jan and Alan for the final summing up – Costa Rica, here we come!!!!!!
    love, Sal and Col xx

  3. Bring your waterproof and lots of money!

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