Three Nights in San José

San José is the very small capital city of the very small country, Costa Rica. Our hotel was very central on the pedestrianised Avenida Centrale which meant we weren’t very bothered by the traffic hurtling around. At first it appeared very undistinguished as latin-american cities go, but there are highlights.
We were very lucky to be in touch with Irma, a Servas member, who walked us around to see the sights including the National Theatre, a source of great pride.Plus the Cathedral, the Central Market and the Plaza de Cultura home to various museums. The only one we visited was the Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold, stunning exhibits but a strangely brutalist building!

Not satisfied with that Irma also drove us out of town to Cartago site of the the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles, the most venerated religious site in Costa Rica, due to a miracle which took place in 1635. It rained heavily while we were there so we didn’t stop long!

The next afternoon Irma took us into the province of Heredia, North of San José. The central square in the city of the same name is a classic colonial colonial gem, we stopped a while to listen to the band before heading high above the city to a restaurant for a sunset dinner of typical Costa Rican dishes.
We’re incredibly lucky that Servas members all over the world are so willing to give their time to entertain visitors!











7 thoughts on “Three Nights in San José

  1. What a treat to find Irma. Lovely!

  2. There must be an interesting story as to why there is a statue of a litter sweeper in the square??!!
    Sal xx

    • There are lots of statues of workers in the square – a lot of them looked pretty miserable, Irma and Alan chose that one to play with!

  3. Great to hear from you. Jan what is Servas?? Enjoying the beach now at a very touristy town, Canoa. Will stay until after Carnival, didn,t realize that we ahd to stay put for that. Then heading to Cuenca. Janet

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