Huanchaco to Home

We arrived home on Wednesday 5 November. The trip was great, we saw and did so much, but we’re agreed that it was much tougher than we expected and we’re not keen to repeat the experience!
The last couple of days before we returned to Lima for the flight home were spent at the seaside in Huanchaco, on the Pacific coast just outside Trujillo. It’s not a very special place, but, a bit like a lot of English seasides, it has a pier and a promenade and hosts lots of day trippers. Unlike home there are also pelicans and traditional reed boats, still used for fishing. Our very cheap hotel was very pleasant and there are some excellent fish restaurants. We had our first taste of the Peruvian speciality, Ceviche, raw fish marinated in lime juice – melt in the mouth delicious.
We took the overnight bus to Lima – comfort unlike anything before on the trip – we slept and arrived in Lima refreshed.
We were met by Julio, our Servas host for the last two days. Instead of taking us to his home he installed us in a dubious hotel nearby. Disappointment turned to relief when we discovered Julio and his wife, Ana, have five dogs, plus the house is currently a building site! We didn’t see much of Ana outside mealtimes (all taken in restaurants), she seems to spend most of her time working. Julio drove us all over Lima, took us shopping and to our final Museum, of Anthropology, Archaeology and History, where we finally achieved some understanding of the country’s development from pre-history, via the various civilisations to colonial times and beyond.
Ana’s sister and family run a superb fish restaurant where we ate both days, indulging our new found passion for ceviche!
And then we came home to rainy November. Alan went straight to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases where two fellow travellers were removed from his foot!

2 thoughts on “Huanchaco to Home

  1. good to see the pink shoes in action!

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