Somebody noticed the lack of posts from us!! That’s because we’ve been BUSY! And mostly offline in the Amazon Basin. But before then we went to Sucre, a lovely city, so nice that we stayed a week in the welcoming Casa Verde run by the charming Rene! Sucre has handsome buildings, pleasant streets, lovely squares together with the best museums (some scary masks in there), a great market or two and an excellent climate (well it did rain a bit!). If you only go to one city in Bolivia – go to Sucre! It is in fact the capital rather than La Paz, at least in terms of the constitution – try that out as an answer in the next pub (or library) quiz! Sucre is the place where the Liberacion deed was signed, giving Bolivia (then known as “Upper Peru”) it’s independence. It also has the Eiffel Tower, built by the man who built – the Eiffel Tower! imageimageimageimage imageimageimage imageimageimage

2 thoughts on “Sucre

  1. Sucre looks beautiful and full of intrigue – hope you found a mask to complement your hat display in your hallway! Incredible exploration – keep enjoying – Jo


  2. Sucre indeed looks lovely but ‘Amazon basin’? – wow, that sounds worth a post or three. No slacking now! 🙂

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