While they were walking

Back in Cuzco Jan walked around the city enjoying the squares and buildings and also inspected the merchandise in the very exclusive shops selling clothes made from alpaca. A lot of tourists visit here and presumably some of them are pretty affluent. There are also artisan markets where prices are much more reasonable for more traditional designs. We’re not shopping yet as we have a few weeks to go and don’t want too much to lug around.
Jan and Maruja met up together to visit the ruins of Sacsaywaman (does not mean sexy woman but satisfied falcon on the hill just outside Cuzco. It was a demanding climb but worth the effort to see both the impressive remains of the Inca citadel and also the view of modern Cuzco. Terrific to have Maruja to tell me what I was looking at. The giant stones were brought from a quarry several miles away moved using tree trunks as levers.
There are lots of other museums and churches in Cuzco of which Jan managed to see the cathedral and we both visited the Jesuit church – both smothered in gold leaf!! The painting of the last supper in the cathedral has a delicious dish of guinea pig as the centre piece. No photos allowed in Peruvian churches and so can’t share that with you!imageimageimage

One thought on “While they were walking

  1. Me encantan tus fotos…. gracias por compartirlas… y sabes se ven tan en PAZ que CASi los envidio!! besos

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