First Impressions of Peru – Lima

Our first impression of Lima was of a very grey city under permanent cloud although we subsequently learned that it’s really mist from the sea. Lima is on the coast and has beaches – who knew??

It’s also the capital of Peru and was the most important city in S. America in Spanish colonial times and as such has all the trappings of grand squares, a cathedral, imposing buildings and fancy shopping streets. It’s of special interest to us because at some time in the early sixties Jan’s Dad, Harry, spent a couple of months here assisting with the development of the Peruvian telecommunications system.

In Lima everyone wears a coat, usually a scarf.   In the restaurants you eat your dinner wearing your overcoat!  But, dressed for the weather, people happily sit in parks and at outdoor tables too.

On Wednesday afternoon, just as we were setting out on a tour of the city, the mist lifted, the sun came through and we saw a very different Lima!


3 thoughts on “First Impressions of Peru – Lima

  1. Hi, sounds exciting to be in Lima. When we were here in he late 70’s we stayed right in the centre. Where are you staying? Keep posting I look forward to reading them. Janet

  2. que bien disfrutalo…. y que bello se ve todo..

  3. otro comentario quizas Alan encuentre algunos hermanos alli!! ja ja

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