Queen Vic to Pucllana Lodge, Lima

The trip started out our local, the Queen Vic, Shalford, very handy for the station.  Lee, Charlie and Andy waved us off!


Train to Gatwick, check in, flight to Madrid were all uneventful. We’d promised ourselves a nice Spanish dinner, tapas or paella at Madrid airport before the midnight flight to Lima. We were disappointed – at 9pm the restaurants were closing. We treated ourselves in Burger King followed by cheesecake in Starbucks!
Surprisingly we both got some sleep during the 11hour flight to Lima. Arrived on time at 5.26am, met by a taxi which whisked us to the hotel Pucllana Lodge, where we couldn’t check in till lunchtime.
Left the bags and headed off for a proper breakfast at Haiti a 60’s establishment in a bit of a time warp. Delicious omelettes to the sound of Rod Stewart!

Breakfast at Haiti

Breakfast at Haiti

The hotel takes it’s name from an ancient site, very close by, called Huaca Pucllana. The guidebook describes it as an adobe ceremonial centre dating back to AD400. To us it resembled a very large earthy hill.

Near the hotel a medical facility is being rebuilt – a large, modern, glass box. These guys were working in the sky as we walked to the hotel, looking more like performance art than a building site!

3 thoughts on “Queen Vic to Pucllana Lodge, Lima

  1. New trip, new blog – will be following!

  2. Glad you arrived safely. Picture of the ‘operational art’ is amazing!! Love Sal xx

  3. Pleased to hear you arrived safely. It was good to see you recently, thanks for the e mail. Will make contact after 5th November to see if we can get together before we go to Spain for Christmas. Hope all goes well with the trek/train to Machu Pichu xx

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