Style Notes 2: A pair of new Keens!

Keens are the most wonderful shoes for travellers, like a sandal combined with a trainer crossed with a Croc! Totally waterproof, immensely comfortable but not entirely elegant! I’ve no idea how many places I’ve been to in my cherished green ones.
Yesterday we went to visit Bill in the very swish condo he and Pauline have chosen as their Bangkok home – they have both appeared here previously as Alan met them when he collected our visas from the Thai Embassy in London back in January.
This is a more upmarket part of the city than we have seen so far so we were tempted into one of the malls. And then into a shop selling Keens. And more Keens. Keens in all colours, styles and sizes.
Which highlighted the fairly desperate state of the ones I was wearing, faded, filthy and parting company with one of the toe caps!
So they have gone to Keen heaven. And I have a new pair in “Hot Coral”! I hope the style police will approve.

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