Style Notes 1: the wearing of pyjamas

In Cambodia older women mostly wear a sarong and blouse, teenagers and young women dress just the same as in the rest of the world. But women of a certain age and little girls often wear what can only be described as pyjamas. The more I saw them the more I began to think they might be onto something – what else is so effortless to wear yet coordinated, cool or warm as required, in any fabric of the wearer’s choosing yet suitable for almost any activity? In fact, practical in every way!
Then I read on Wikipedia that pyjamas originated in Asia – might have guessed!
It’s not a good idea to take people’s photo without their consent, but here are a few examples of the look.

2 thoughts on “Style Notes 1: the wearing of pyjamas

  1. I’m not surprised at the origin of the word – it’s not like a normal English construction at all . Does this mean we’ll be seeing you on Dragons’ Den with a new fashion idea then? Mike

  2. Better than a onesie for sure!

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