Alan’s Missing Days

Hi,I’m back. Yoga was not for me so I took a luxury bus…not Ryan Buses…to Northern Thailand and booked into a nice quiet place in Chiang Rai. That was until Hubert and Ludmila turned up. A quick whiz round the market to the outside dinner stalls where Abba dancers were performing on stage. Got to bed after a few…well quite a few beers really..English, German and Czech were represented round the table. Next day TucTuc to the White Temple..Disney Gaudi or what?

The following day off to the Hills about an hour North of CR. Lovely of my top ten. Run by brother and sister Nok and Noi. Walking trekking waterfalls hill tribes relaxing chatting campfires hard beds and wonderful scenery all at £15 per night. After 3 great with Jane from Guys hospital and Robert sound engineer with TV news and sport…returned to CR to try to track down Jan and friends Janet and John.

Decided to share the Bamboo Nest with them so we are off there this afternoon for 3 nights.

Once again no TV, no phone and no internet there.


Having problems loading photos so they’ll come later!


One thought on “Alan’s Missing Days

  1. No TV, phone or internet? Sounds like bliss. If you can’t manage the remaining photos, don’t worry – this one is good enough on its own:) Stunning picture! Mike

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