Xhale Yoga retreat

Janet and I spent five days practising yoga and meditation in the hills outside Pai with Bhud our inspiring, funny, challenging teacher. The experience was rewarding and demanding at the same time – or as Janet says, brutal! As you’ll see from the daily schedule we didn’t take it easy!
Although we were on a “cleansing” diet (no caffeine, alcohol, sugar nor processed food plus strict portion control) the vegetarian dishes cooked by Muh and her helpers were delicious and satisfying with as many ingredients taken from the organic garden. We stayed nearby in a clean, spacious room with a wonderful view of gardens and the countryside.
We struggled to cope with the cold in the mornings, down to 8C one morning – everyone grabbed whatever blankets, hats, shawls and socks were available – I’ve never done yoga in a tee shirt, jumper and fleece before! Then when the sun came out it was hot, too hot as we trudged back to the room for our lunchtime break and – too soon! – back for the final sessions and dinner.
There were 16 in the group and we all got a lot out of the 5 days which ended up with a trip to the hot springs on Saturday.
Janet and I stayed in Pai that night then travelled with her husband, John, to Chiang Rai where Alan was waiting for us.

2 thoughts on “Xhale Yoga retreat

  1. Do you feel cleansed then? Mike

  2. More like exhausted but pretty good actually! Have not been drinking alcohol since we came here and am keeping up the no coffee regime at the moment. Tea, of course, is essential to life!

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