We’ve really enjoyed Lampang and not just because of the hotel and the food! It’s a nice, smallish town on a big river, not too busy, easy to walk around and not many tourists. It has temples, of course, different from the ones we have seen so far and including some Chinese ones. The funny thing about temples is that just when you think you’re all templed out you feel compelled to just to check the next one – so far anyway. One here had the largest reclining Buddha we have ever seen!
There are also lots of old teak ‘shophouses’ in various states of use and repair plus one beautifully restored mansion supported on 116 huge teak pillars.
Tomorrow we’re back to Chiang Mai for a night with Pisamai before we go to the Elephant Nature Park for a week. We don’t expect to have internet, nor many other facilities there, so this may be the last you hear from us for a while!imageimageimageimageimage

5 thoughts on “Lampang

  1. As you say, always just one more temple …. and always just one more picture round the next corner. Thoroughly enjoying it all. Mike

  2. Sounds a fabulous exploration and hope the wonder of the elephant adventure outweighs the basic facilities! Only jealous! Seriously though, so glad is a wonderful trip, not merely as escapism from rainy rainy Blighty!! Keep enjoying

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