imageimageimageimageOld Sukothai was once the capital of Siam, now Thailand and is a World Heritage Site. We booked the bus from Chiang Mai to Old Sukothai departing at 8.45am. It left at 9.45 and deposited us in new Sukothai five hours later. So we had to take a songthiew, or pickup with 2 benches in the back, to the Old City about half an hour away. We quickly found a room for 500 Thai bahts, about £20, and hired bikes for £1 for 24 hours. We spent all of Thursday exploring the huge site, the bikes really helped, although mine had a flat tyre! We got up early to miss the crowds and really enjoyed the peace and beauty of the place in the early morning. But it is so big that it is easy to find empty places at any time of day.
The excitement when we got back to the guest house was the arrival of a group of Chinese tourists travelling in 5 camper vans!

2 thoughts on “Sukothai

  1. Big wow! Mike

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