Thaksin or what are the protests all about?

This is the slogan of the protestors in Bangkok.

Well, where do I start? The disgraced politician Thaksin’s sister is currently PM and, following the ongoing protests, has dissolved Parliament and called a General Election for 2 Feb.
What we didn’t know was that Aunt Pisamai and her 9 brothers and sisters and offspring are very politically interested. They really do not like Thaksin and the corrupt politicians, judicial system, businesses and even Senior Monks that surround him. They fully support the Shutdown and have been out on the streets. Don’t know how old Pisamai is, but she will readily admit she is not young. As well as being a fearless driver she is a retired University Professor. It seems it is the Urban electors are anti Thaksin whilst the people who live in the country support him and give him the power. The protestors suggest that this is because some rural voters are easily bribed by farming subsidies whilst the rice farmers have been not paid for 2 years! Very confusing. We are also told that the government are proposing to borrow millions on the international market pand no one knows what it is to be used for.Democracy Monument
Pisamai explains that the country is so corrupt that the elections are meaningless (Thaksin and his sister have won the last 6 elections) and the way forward is this Democracy Council idea.
Anyway we had 4 evenings of endless TV showing speeches, marches, commentary, singing by the anti government Channel. It’s all been in Thai except about 5 mins in English by a Medical Doctor. Pisamai is convinced the protest will not end until they have won. She and the “opposition” will not be voting in the forthcoming election.
We’ll wait and see!

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